Steve Hamburger

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Hamburger brings over 40 years of Banking, Marketing and Relationship building experience to Wootrader.

Steve has long been developing innovative, technology-driven solutions for the financial services industry as head of marketing, COO and Vice Chairman for different financial institutions.

As head of marketing for Crocker National Bank, his team created the nation's first secured, revolving line of credit called EquityLine and then worked with the Fed. to make it a legal national financial product. Working with Financial Proforma’s a Moody’s Investor Service Company later in his career as Director of Global Marketing he helped bring together 12 Global banks which validated the first commercial lending analytical scoring model which began the use of analytical models in Middle Market Commercial lending decisioning.. Steve has also served as the Vice Chairman for the STAR System@ATM sharing network.

Today Steve’s focus is on developing long lasting Financial Institution relationships for Wootrader as well as directing and implementing the strategic marketing direction for the company and increasing the overall customer base.

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  • Knowing the Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings Sentiment Stocks, the percentage of their Bullish Sentiment and Rating is another great non-classical FinanceBoards Sentiment Research Widget that you should consider adding to you FinanceBoards Dashboard(s).

  • Having immediate access to a number of Key Combined Employee ratings on the Company’s Employee Environment and Senior Management Leadership along with the willingness to recommend the company to a friend combined with actual employee reviews of the company should be some key investment information about the company you are researching to invest in or holding. The FinanceBoards Employee Ratings Widget gives you all of that and more.

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