Working with Financial Institutions Globally to integrate it's two revolutionary new platforms; Wootrader and FinanceBoards. Wootrader, through the use of its REST API, into existing Financial Institution Strategies without changing their in-house built solutions. is a stock research platform using weighted predictive analytics for the stock market, which through the use of its proprietary models and data has also created a dynamic investment strategy and applied it to over 4000 global stocks and made it available for use globally with individuals and financial institutions. FinanceBoards, is the first truly configurable stock market dashboards platform, made up of widgets that can integrate any API data that the user has access to .FinanceBoards also has access to Wootrader’s weighted predictive analytics, with the General Woo ranking included as a part of the platform.


Published dashboards
  • Stock

    This Dashboard has a collection of widgets that can be used to evaluate the company being researched Dividends Amount, History, Dividend Changes, and Calender.

    Published: 10/23/2017
    comment  by: steveh
  • General
    Top Risk Ratios

    This Dashboard has 15 Different Top Risk Ratio Widgets each showing the top 15 stocks ranked according to the Particular Risk Ratio Selected which can be used for further focused research purposes.

    Published: 10/22/2017
    comment  by: steveh