FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #23: The Top Risk Ratio Widgets

Posted: Oct. 22, 2017, 11:30 p.m. by

FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #23: The Top Risk Ratio Widgets

With 15 Different Top Risk Ratio Widgets to choose from being able to research and assess the risk of the top-rated Companies that appear on these widgets make them ones to add to your research dashboard(s) or selected from the Published FinanceBoards Dashboards and added to your FinanceBoards Platform Screen.

With FinanceBoards, you can configure your researching and investing dashboard(s) with any of our 500 + financial data or information widgets. In our FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight Series, we pick one or a group of these widgets and explain how it works and go over why you should consider adding them to your FinanceBoard dashboard(s).

Our last Spotlight #22 Covered the Company’s Risk Ratio Widget which listed 15 different risk ratios ratings for the company being researched. This Spotlight shows all of these risk ratios widgets, with the top-ranked stocks listed for each of them.

The Widgets in the Spotlight today are the Top Risk Ratio Widgets.

Top Risk Ratio

The following 15 Top Risk Ratio Widgets are available for research purposes: The Top Beta, The Top Alpha Ratio, The Top Sharpe Ratio, The Top Treynor Ratio, The Top Modigliani Ratio, The Top Information Ratio, The Top Conditional Sharpe Ratio, The Top Omega Ratio, The Top Sortino Ratio, The Top Kappa Ratio, The Top Upside Potential Ratio, The Top Calmar Ratio, The Top Sterling Ratio, The Top Burke Ratio, and The Top Gain Loss Ratio.

For each of these 15 Top Risk Ratios listed the Risk Ratio Widget can be selected in the widget search screen where it shows the name of the Top Ratio Widget and a short definition of that particular Top Risk Ratio Selected. For a more detailed description of it, you can research it further online.

The Risk Ratio Widget selected itself shows the stock ticker symbol for the top 15 stocks sorted and ranked by that particular Risk Ratio taken from over 4000 stocks listed on the FinanceBoards Platform. It then shows the last price of the stock and the Risk Rating numeric value.

Top Conditional Sharpe

Once you have selected one of these widgets you can then add them to any one of your FinanceBoards research dashboard(s). As with the other Risk Ratio Widgets that all have the top 15 stocks sorted by the particular ratio chosen you can then get a short description of the company and then research the stock further on all of FinanceBoards Dashboards that have been created including ones that you have created yourself.

In this particular case, you can also create your own Risk Ratios Widgets Dashboard by going to My Dashboards and clicking on the plus button and adding each of these Risk Ratios to one new dashboard specifically for Risk Ratios for Research Purposes. Once completed you can then add it to your dashboard menu for search purposes.

Or you could add the one that has already been created from the inventory of public dashboards available by using the configure link at the bottom of the Dashboards listing.

The breadth of FinanceBoards’ financial research data and information widgets both classic and new are much greater than just the Risk Ratios Widgets. You can also create any Widget yourself from any API and add it to your dashboards, either our premade ones or ones you’ve created. Signing up for a free account below is a great way to explore all the widgets FinanceBoards offers.


Click here for a seven minute overview of FinanceBoards that includes the steps on how to add widgets such as these to your dashboard.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Widget Spotlight.