FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #19: The TipRanks Top Bloggers Ratings Widget

Posted: Sept. 25, 2017, 10:43 p.m. by

FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight #19: Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings

Knowing the Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings Sentiment Stocks, the percentage of their Bullish Sentiment and Rating is another great non-classical FinanceBoards Sentiment Research Widget that you should consider adding to you FinanceBoards Dashboard(s).

With FinanceBoards you can configure your researching and investing dashboard(s) with any of our 500 + financial data or information widgets which include classic as well as new financial data. In our FinanceBoards Widget Spotlight Series, we pick one or a group of these widgets and explain how it works and go over why you should consider adding it or them to your FinanceBoards dashboard(s).

Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings

The Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings Widget has been created from Data taken from And it represents the buyer’s sentiment of some of the TipRanks Bloggers. It lists the stock symbol for the Company ranked by the number of Bloggers that are Bullish on the Company and their Bullish percentage along with their rating.

Once you have added this widget to your FinanceBoards dashboards, on a daily basis you can check to see the top 25 Stocks that the TipRanks Bloggers are giving ratings too. By placing your cursor over the Stock Symbol you can immediately get a short description of the company and then by clicking the stock symbol you are given these options; Research the Company, Quick Info and Update Widgets and also the Buy and Sell options when you are connected to a brokerage firm.

Stock description

If you select the Research Option you will be taken to the General Info Research Dashboard first, from there you can select from the other Dashboard Categories that are listed on the left. Or of course, you can also select one of the Dashboards that you have created yourself to further research the Stocks that are listed on The Top TipRanks Top Bloggers Ratings Widget.

If you select the Quick Info Option, you will be taken to the FinanceBoards Stock Info Card Widget which is a great Summary Widget of many key metrics of Stock Information and Data. This Widget is also one that can be placed on any other of your FinanceBoards Dashboard(s).

Stock Info card

Adding the Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings Widget to any one of your FinanceBoards Research Dashboards assures you of having some of the TipRanks Stock Market Bloggers Sentiment Top Ranked Stocks available to research on a daily basis and to be able to uncover possible new trading options for that day.

The breadth of FinanceBoards’ financial research data and information widgets both classic and new are much greater than just The Top TipRanks Bloggers Ratings Widget. You can also create any Widget yourself from any API and add it to your dashboard(s), either our premade ones or ones you’ve created. Signing up for a free account below is a great way to explore all the widgets FinanceBoards offers.


Click here for a seven minute overview of FinanceBoards that includes the steps on how to add widgets such as these to your dashboard.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next Widget Spotlight.