Export and Print Data

Posted: Oct. 12, 2015, 8:03 p.m. by

One of the most often requested features from professional investors was the ability to export data from Wootrader's tables, so they can slice and dice them in Excel, send them via email to their customers or just save them for later review.

We just released this feature for the Investment Advisor subscription level:

Export and Print Data

1. Print

Printing data will send the table directly to your printer. Depending on your browser, you can adjust various printing settings, such as orientation and paper size, as well as export to a PDF file.

Print Settings

2. Export as PDF

Exporting as PDF can work differently across browsers - either the PDF will be open right into a new browser window, or the PDF file will be saved in your downloads folder.

PDF Export

3. Export as CSV

Exporting as CSV (comma separated values) is useful when you want to review and manipulate the data in your favorite spreadsheet app. Exporting as a CSV also works differently in the various browsers - for example in Chrome the CSV file will be saved to your downloads folder, while in Safari the file will be displayed in a new browser tab - from this tab you will need to select "Save Page As..." and the format as should be Page Source

CSV Export

4. Copy

The copy function will simply copy the data in a tabulated format into your clipboard. You can then paste and use the data in your application of choice.